Why You Absolutely Need to Hire a Florist for Your Wedding

Weddings in Singapore can be quite amazing given all the beautiful sceneries and amazing places you can go to. But, even with a naturally beautiful venue, you can’t really consider it complete without all the floral decor. There’ll always be flowers at the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, and even in some wedding shoots. Consequently, how the wedding flowers are designed can also make or break the overall look of the wedding itself.

To make sure everything is done professionally, it would be a great idea to hire a reliable and trustworthy wedding florist. Not only will this save you a lot of time and stress when organizing the wedding, but you’re also assured that everything will be taken care of accordingly.

You work hand-in-hand with the florist

Meeting with your chosen solemnisation flower arrangement shop from Singapore is one of the primary steps you need to take to get the best from their services. This is an important part, obviously, because this is where you communicate with the nuptial floriculturist your wedding flowers ideas. You might discuss the types of wedding flowers you want for the ceremony and reception and how you want the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements to look like.

This will also be an opportunity for you to ask more about what else they include in their services. There will be a bridal florist, for example, who might not stay in the morning of the wedding to arrange the wedding flowers for you. That florist didn’t stick with the agreement and may have just run with your money. 

Payment is another thing to consider too. Ask when you are expected to pay for the flowers or how early you should place your orders. Generally, it will be ideal to place your orders 6-8months before your wedding. You might also want to buy flowers online but you’ll have to ask the bridal florist if that can be a good idea. Although this really depends on your choice, the florist might recommend you to choose the floral decor they offer. This makes sense because they’re already there and you protected from any online scams (yes, this can also happen even with bridal flower!).

Some advantages of having a florist

Hiring moodfleur as your florist in your Singapore wedding is particularly advantageous. They have been arranging, designing and supplying wedding flowers for years, so you can be confident that your wedding bouquet and floral decor is in excellent hands. Plus, being in the industry for years have broaden their connections with different suppliers, guaranteeing you with the best possible prices for seasonal and even special blooms anytime of the year.

Sometimes a wedding florist may also offer some wedding flower packages where you can use their services for the wedding photo shoot as well. This can be another way for you to pick from a choice of beautiful bridal bouquets ahead of the wedding. There are even some couples who like the wedding bouquet flowers from the photo shoot so much that they’ll also choose it for the wedding.

In summary, have a wedding florist is a greater advantage than you might initially think. You can get professional advice on types of flowers, themes, and etc. You’ll also be saved from the trouble of arranging and designing your own bridal bouquet. There’s really just no reason not to hire a floral designer. Additionally, you’ll always find a matrimonial flower shop no matter where you are in Singapore. Everything from the wedding flowers, to the bridal bouquet, to the car flower decor, will be available if you go to the right places. Nevertheless, nothing can be as great as having a reliable florist to arrange and design the flowers for you.