What are the Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water?

People have always been drinking water that is alkaline in nature, which happens when water passes over rocks (i.e. springs and other freshwater bodies) and pick up minerals that increase its alkalinity in the pH scale.

However, tap water in Singapore is mostly acidic in nature. It has a pH balance of 4.0 to 5.0, while alkaline water ionized and dispensed through an alkaline water ionizer is just between 8.0 and 9.0. There are many ways that you can test this, ranging from using litmus strips to even rice washings.

Many people today in Singapore drink water that has been ionized, usually via a chemical process known as electrolysis, to increase its alkalinity. This ionization process uses electricity to separate molecules that are either more acidic or more alkaline from the water, and the acidic water is then flushed out. But what exactly does alkaline water do to your body?

What Alkaline Water Does to Your Body

In countries such as Japan and Korea, an alkaline water ioniser machine is considered to be both medical and water treatment devices because of the health benefits of alkaline water.

While you may have heard and/or doubted many benefits of alkaline water, there are a few definite advantages that you need to keep in mind when it comes to drinking water with regulated or increased alkalinity:

• Alkaline water neutralizes acidity in the body, which is beneficial for those who are suffering from acid reflux or from high blood acidity.

• The reduction of acidity in the body, in turn, reduces the need for storing fat and cholesterol (fat and cholesterol are the body’s way of reducing acidity in the body), leading to weight loss.

• Added alkaline minerals in the water filter of an alkaline water ionizer help to restore the pH balance as well as add the much-needed minerals that are otherwise lost through other filters and ionizers.

• Drinking alkaline water helps promote the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut, which need the alkaline pH balance in order to thrive.

• Ionized, or alkaline water from Singapore has another advantage over regular tap water in the form of antioxidant potential. The antioxidant potential of alkaline water binds to the free radicals which are acidic in nature, which then allows the body to process them as waste.

As much as drinking alkaline water is good for your body, it also has its own long-term effects (though these can also be mitigated). As long as you don’t drink alkaline water during meals that have meat or dairy products, or drink alkaline water when taking your medications (with the exceptions of vitamins), alkaline water should be a perfectly healthy choice.

How is Alkaline Water Made?

Alkaline water starts off as regular water from your tap and has to be converted. Regular tap water goes through an alkaline water ioniser machine, which is connected through your tap water system as an additional faucet or pipeline and takes as little as fifteen minutes to install.

Once the machine from http://www.h2olifesource.com/ in Singapore is connected to your water system, it is then treated through a process called electrolysis. The machine does this by siphoning off the water near the cathode, which contains increased levels of hydroxide, which is alkaline.

After the electrolysis, the ionized water passes through a water filter cartridge. The filter is comprised of a section of activated charcoal, where impurities are filtered out, and another section, where essential minerals that may have been filtered out by the charcoal are re-introduced.

Once the minerals are introduced into the water, the water exits to the machine’s tap, and you can then enjoy drinking your healthy alkaline water.

Choosing the Right Ionizer

One of the advantages of using an alkaline water ioniser machine is that you can adjust the alkalinity of the water depending on your needs. However, shopping for an alkaline water machine is not an easy talk.

In order to know how to choose an alkaline water machine for your home, it’s important to know what makes a good water machine. Alkaline water machines have four key features that allow it to do its job: pH/ORP Range, platers, filters, and lastly, the warranty.

• Filter – The filter is what removes the impurities from the water, which means you will need to find a machine that supports either a single or a dual filter system (though the latter is preferable.)

Choose the single filter system only if your water is already pure or neutral. However, if you find that the water quality is pure, you might need to choose a water machine that supports a dual filter system.

• Plates – Your ionizer works and/or functions more effectively because of the number and types of plates it supports. Three main types of plates exist: flat plates, which are the easiest to clean and are the most durable; and slotted and mesh plates, which are lighter and cost less.

• PH/ORP range – The ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) range is what measures the number of electrons in the water, and is the key advantage in using an alkaline water machine over regular tap water. A good water machine should provide both alkaline and acidic water and produce a high negative ORP output.

• Warranty – To avoid scams, you should only buy from a trusted and reputable company, especially when it comes to buying health products. Some of the things you can look for to know if a company is reputable are the factory compliance certification, a good warranty on factory defects and repair, and good customer ratings.