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Patient Surveys

How Does Your Treatment Plan Measure Up?

Are you satisfied with your treatment plan? Think you are taking too many medications or not enough? Have you tried nutritional supplements or alternative therapies? The Fibromyalgia Network invites patients to take a brief survey to find out if you think your treatment plan is working and what other patients think about their treatment.

The Fibromyalgia Network does not ask any personal or identifying information in this survey. As usual, all information contained in this survey is anonymous.

After you submit your responses, click on the light blue text at the bottom to see the results. Ongoing results will be available following the survey. After taking the survey, don't forget to visit our Symptoms or Treatment Options pages for more insightful suggestions and information.

After you submit the survey, click here to view the results.

Learn more about Symptoms or Treatment Options

The Fibromyalgia Network surveys are not designed to be a scientific studies.

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