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“FM Network has helped me so much to stay on top of new developments and to help some of my physicians better understand this disorder."
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Apply the approaches outlined below so that you can easily see through the veil of deceptive tactics and misleading claims used for many products and therapies targeting fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome patients.

Fibromyalgia Network asked three physicians about the marketing of miracle cures for an article in the January 2004 Journal. Statements made by John A. Flores, M.D., an internist and pain management specialist in Las Cruces, NM, help explain how some of the above tools can be put to use. "I never discount any treatment ... I have the patient write a letter to the vendor or company requesting clinical literature that supports their claims. More often than not, we never receive a response. Occasionally, we will receive legitimate literature describing current scientific medical opinion on fibromyalgia, but nothing more. For example, the literature may explain that serotonin deficiency is associated with fibromyalgia, and that correcting the deficiency may improve symptoms. The inference is that their product or treatment can accomplish this, and is superior to any other method. Of course, they never provide data supporting that inference. At this point, it becomes apparent that the company is not on the up and up, and we cease pursuing this line of treatment."

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