Morning Stiffness in Fibromyalgia

by Kristin Thorson, Editor, Fibromyalgia Network
Posted: March 27, 2012

Morning Stiffness in Fibromyalgia“When clinicians are asked which symptoms are the most debilitating in patients with fibromyalgia, the most common responses include pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances,” states lead author of a recent study by Robert Bennett, M.D., of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.1 He adds patients also report stiffness as an important symptom. And who wouldn’t complain about waking up each morning to a body that feels like the final stages of rigor mortis?

Indeed, 90% of the fibromyalgia patients in the Fibromyalgia Network’s recent survey of Fibro Over Time endorsed significant problems with morning stiffness. But what do most doctors think of your stiffness? Bennett says they “generally regard it as a minor symptom,” or a sign of inflammation unrelated to the fibromyalgia.

When doctors think of stiffness, they conjure up rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation-related joint diseases that make it harder for these patients to get going in the morning. Yet studies in fibromyalgia patients also show stiffness is usually worse in the morning and Bennett points out, “morning stiffness has been rated as more severe in fibromyalgia than rheumatoid arthritis.” He says people with both conditions have worse stiffness than those with fibro alone. But why would fibromyalgia patients be troubled by stiffness?

As people age, they get arthritis, become less active, and expect a little morning stiffness. However, this does not explain why 25 or 45-year-old fibromyalgia patients showed signs of joint stiffness on a test involving the ankle.2 A detailed report was provided in our February 2011 eNews Alert, but suffice it to say, fibro patients showed twice as much stiffness as age-matched healthy controls.

Stiffness sometimes correlates with pain, and since Cymbalta is FDA-approved to treat the pain of fibromyalgia, Bennett and colleagues thought it might relieve the symptom of stiffness. The study was supported by Eli Lilly, the maker of Cymbalta, to see if the drug could help with this symptom. Stiffness did improve, but only by a tiny amount of 10%. This compares closely to the 13% benefit found in the trials of Lyrica.

If the pain of fibro was solely related to the stiffness, the FDA-approved drugs should be able to produce significant improvement in this symptom. Yet they don’t.

Fibromyalgia is a rather “messy” multi-system condition. There is the central nervous system component involved in processing pain, an area all three FDA-approved drugs work on (Cymbalta, Lyrica and Savella). People with fibro also have trigger points or knots in their muscles, which cause serious pain and restrictive movement.3 In addition, one has to remember the circulatory system, and fibromyalgia patients have increased arterial stiffness.4

Your arteries should be flexible, but studies show a reduction of the elastic-like qualities in fibro patients compared to age-matched controls. An overly active sympathetic nervous system is thought to be partly to blame.

Therapies to relax your sympathetic nerves, such as a hot shower and many other approaches, often ease morning stiffness. One of the three FDA-approved drugs may even help, but just don’t expect too much from them.

1. Bennett R, et al. Clin Ther  34(4):824-37, 2012.
2. Dierick F, et al. Eur J Appl Physiol 111:2163-71, 2011.
3. Ge HY, et al. Arthritis Res Ther 13(2):R48, Mar 22, 2011.
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206 Responses to Morning Stiffness in Fibromyalgia

  1. Lori says:

    Morning stiffness IS probably my most debilitating part of fibromyalgia. I go to bed at night just laying there dreading the morning because I know, without a doubt, I will wake up and try to move and be in so much pain I want to cry. It take me an extra hour in the morning to get moving because of this morning stiffness pain and most morning include tears from THIS PAIN….not depression….

    • Suzy says:

      My morning stiffness is so bad that when I wake in a hurry to get to the bathroom, attempting to move fast, I have no balance. My dog is often on the floor by the bed and on a number of occasions I’ve almost fallen right on her :( Sadly, I had to resort to pain meds, which I take upon awakening. It is the only thing that even mildly helps me get through those first couple of painful hours.

      • Terri Collins says:

        Suzy, my son loaned us a memory-foam pad for the bed – it’s about 2-3 inches thick (didn’t think it would help much). We were already on a pillow-top mattress…..but WOW..couldn’t believe the difference. Before it felt like my hip bones, etc. were digging in the mattress. Still suffer with the mornings tremendously, but at least the memory foam helped with the ease of laying in the bed.

        • Adelle says:

          I have had fibro for 15 years I am 32 I have been on every medication known to man and take 6 diff medications dailyI find lyrica the best I have unbearable neck and shoulder pain and cannot hold my babies. Repetitive movement or prolonged activity sitting walking laying driving are my big triggers,I suffer extreme noise sensitivity wear earplugs a lot or get ill.I never sleep more than 3 hrs .

          • karm says:

            all those suffering, try acupuncture for twice a weeks . Start with twice a week and then see what happens. After the 7th time I felt sooo much better. Chiropractic, also helps with the nervous system and stiffness. Please, do try ACUPUNCTURE, it works wonders.

          • MaryAnn says:

            I do very easy exercises to clear the lymph system and within a week of starting, I quit taking pain meds. I also take a muscle relaxant at night, cyclobenzaprine, so I won’t clench my teeth so much. I have found that it keeps that awful muscle tightness in shoulders and neck at bay.

        • Little Sparrow says:

          I purchased a mattress for bed ridden people from a medical store… costly but so worth it. Still have horrible morning stiffness but sleep is better due to less waking up from pressure point pain and tossing and turning. This mattress you can put a large bunch of keys on it… sit on them… and you will not feel the keys… it’s amazing.

    • Lee says:

      Lori, I have to say you sound exactly like me, the mornings are terrible, most days I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack Truck in the morning.

      • Rowena Coote says:

        I too wake up feeling like i have been beated up, run over by a truck or climbed the highest moutain using only my arms!! I lay in bed and take my painkillers an hour or so before i have to get up in the vein hope that it will ease the pain so i can start my day. I lay there in tears quite often if i let these awful debilitating aches and pains get the better of me.

        • Ingrid says:

          My body is in tune now to wake up around 4:40 or 5am, take my medicine and go back to sleep – what a difference. at first I was afraid I would not be able to function with meds on an empty stomach, so I take it with milk and cracker and I am ok.

      • sophie says:

        Hi Lori what you wrote is exactly what I was going to write then I saw Lee’s comment and he wrote the same. I describe it as being beaten everyday by an invisible wrestler and waking up with the pain of it but no visual bruises etc

    • Deb Elder says:

      Well I’ve had FMS since 1984, well before they knew what the heck it was. I fight this two ways: I make fun of it calling it ‘walking riggor mortis’ and I have my morning coffee in my spa each, & every morning. This is the ONLY way to start the day. Get that tight body hot and she will move easier. The increased blood flow helps move in O2 & out toxins. After I cool, I get on my Total Gym.

      • Liz says:

        Bingo! “walking rigor mortis” That is about the most accurate way to put it. I hate the pain. Every step hurts. Sometimes I feel like the next one will be the last one and I’m gonna fall flat on my arse. Going up and down stairs – haaaa – forget it. Taking them 1st steps in the A.M. Gawd. There are days when I want to just cut off my legs, if it wasn’t for all the blood and mess, I would!

    • Billie says:

      Thank You… Im so sick of everyone telling me Im depressed… Im not! I just hurt all the time…. People dont understand this or the pain we feel…

      Always Billie

      • Carrie says:

        Billie, I have had severe Fibro and fatigue issues since 1988. There is only one comment that really gets me upset…”your depressed” or “if you didn’t have depression, blah, blah, blah”. When I came down with Fibro, I was happy, successful and had a good life. I was one month shy of 30 and life was good. I just want to say, I agree with you and we have to do our best to ignore those comments.

        • Georgia says:

          I agree with Carrie. Nothing makes me more frustrated than doctors focusing on depression. There is a connection between poor quality sleep, pain, low mood but it is not called depression. I also became ill in 1989 when I was moving up in my career. Struggled on with three small children and finished two degrees. Stiffness on waking, stiffness after prolonged sitting and pain are my companions.

        • Evelyn says:

          I agree with Carrie – so fed up with the “depression” doctors! I spent the last 15 years in absolute agony and all with the wrong doctors who insisted I was depressed. I’m finally with a doctor who agrees that fibro is real. Tried the cymbalta & neurontin but not a good match for me but he has assured me that we won’t give up on options! I’m so glad I found this site.

      • PAT says:


    • VEE says:

      Wow…. Lori i was just diagnosed in 2010 after many doctor appts and no relief from treatment. The morning stiffness is the worse for me and i feel like an old woman sometimes. I get so angry because im a goer and it sometimes keeps me from doing the things i like to do but i dont let it stop me so i hope with all the research we all will be able to get some much deserved relief some day.

    • Barbara says:

      My ankles were so stiff and painful in the mornings, I could barely get to the bathroom. Fortunately, when I went to for my regular 3 month appointment w/ my rheumatologist my CRP was elevated and he started me on methotrexate. What a difference! The problem is gone, as are some of the other pain manifestations. I take 0.6 ml by injection weekly.

      • NoreenD says:

        Barbara, what is CRP? I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and I’ve never heard about that one.

        • Ingrid says:

          Web definitions:
          C-reactive protein: a byproduct of inflammation; a globulin that is found in the blood in some cases of acute inflammation.

          • Sadie says:

            My rheumy says my CRP is high enough to warrant any pain meds. Mind u I have Lupus and Fibro diagnosed at the same time in 1991. I hurt so bad last night I just got up and cried. I have a pain cream called Voltaren and she finally gave that reluctantly.

          • Stax says:

            CRP So is your Globulin low or high with that? I have low Globulin but was thinking it was from a maintenance Med/infusion called Rituxan for NonHodhkins Lymphoma that I had. That Med can lower it but now I’m wondering if my Globulin levels are lowered because of my Fibro? Interesting. Any info on that?

    • Carol Harrison says:

      Same here, symptoms including morning pain will make a difference on whether or not I go to work. If I can drag myself to work, after taking my pain meds, I generally feel better enough to work.

    • Cynthia says:

      Lori’s comments are me exactly. The morning is the worse time of day. It has taken me several years to get into a routine of walking every morning. Even when I just want to sit and cry I force myself to go out and walk. It makes a huge difference (most of the time-w/ FM there are always days that it just wont help). Start off slow a block, eventually work your way up to several. It helps!

    • Jan says:

      Lori ~ we sound identical. I’m there…………

    • allen r says:

      I recieved permission from my neurologist for marijuana. In the morning I smoke until my stiffness subsides. I then go out running. I only have energy to run 3 times a week but it has changed my life. You must try marijuana if your doctor agrees. Or find one who does. I brought mine several reports about its positive value. He told me not to tell anyone he signed but he did. I also use magnesium.

      • liz swart says:

        ITS very helpful unfortunately theres the stigma attached! Thankfully its been de-criminalized to a ticket now. Still, shouldnt have to live in fear of getting busted or fined for trying to cope with a horrible condition! And to know my initial injury was the result of a DRUNK driver hitting my car on her way home from a BAR, but THAT IS legal, alcohol, but NOT POT? Thats really a slap in the face

      • jeanine gray says:

        I have been diagnosed for about 20 years, and am now 52. My husband used to just tell me “to get in shape more”. We lifted weights regularly, I am a former figure skater, and I was told the years of repetative falling made me hurt like a football player. Not totally true! My mother died of Parkinsons, my brother of MS, and now fibro is a nervous disorder as well.

    • Lisa Uddstrom says:

      I can not tell u how relieved I am to hear all of these symptoms people are having! I have been telling my husband I hate to go to bed cause I know how i’m going to feel in the morning.I feel like I get beat up through the night & have a lot of trouble moving in the morning.Mainly my hands & knees.I wake up in tears! It’s like my body is dying through the night & when I wake up it’s so stiff !

  2. Mary Beth Moberg says:

    I have to sit around for two hours in the morning. My body just wants to sit and rest (probably from a fitful night). It seems strange, but my counsler thinks it is OK to do. My fibro is under control, except for this quirk.Perhaps I should say that I am under the fibro’s control and I know how to work with my disease, rather than I have overcome its’ annoying

    • Cay Collie says:

      If I sit too long any time, I get up groaning and moving like I’m stepping on hot coals!! I know my coworkers think I’m goofy! I especially have pain in my right achiles tendon. I have to rub Aspercreme on it before bed just to calm the pain enough that I can crawl into bed. This disease is just mean!

    • Karen says:

      I do alot to manage my pain. Cymbalta, tramadol, Alpha Stim, acupunture, PT, pool, daily stretching and relaxation exercise Finally, last week I had some good days. This is a relief and almost to good to believe, but the mornings are a challenge. I just keep my routine get up, take meds, have a cup of coffee, sit down with the kids and wait for their bus. It takes 1-2 hours to function.

  3. Charlotte Boyett says:

    I have found taking one Oxycodone-acetamin, 5/325 mg and a rapid-release 500mg acetaminophen along with 2 Valerian Rest tabs (360mg valerian-160mg lemon balm from TYH) helps me to relax to get to sleep and to keep me sleeping longer periods during the night. I also awake with less stiffness and pain the next morning.

    • NoreenD says:

      I always thought that Oxycodone-acetamin is highly addictive. Has your doctor said anything about that? Thanks.

      • Ingrid says:

        Many opioids are addictive, but not everyone is addicted to them. There is also dependency -
        I take 2 Norco/day. That’s it. Have done so for years.
        If I were addicted, I’d be taking 20 by now – everyone is different.
        Yes, there are many people who mis-use it, but there are many who need this. :)

        • Adelle says:

          I take Endone only when I need it but it has the worst side effects as I get even more itchy but it’s my last resort drug I dontbfind it addictive at all. Does anyone else suffer with swollen feet? My feet pool with fluids if they are really hurting and I can’t touch them.i also get severe pain in my arms during the night I’m glad I found this sight as I am at my witts end!!!

        • Sheril says:

          I was diagnosed w/ fibro in 2003, but believed to have had it since I was 14. Oh!. the stories I can tell about stiffness, fatigue, pain, dropping items due to tingling of nerves, BLADDER! I have pain medicine. I use it wise. Heat works for me. Also “Perform” by Biofreeze. I do agree with Jennifer. Do not sleep until 5 a.m. Get up and move. Hot showers work for me.

          • Darlene says:

            I was dianosed 16 years ago with FM and Epstein Barr. I think I had been sick with the symtoms for about 10 years before.. I am affected by weather changes before the weather man knows there changing. Muggy weather is hard.Cold is too. Nerves on edge, sleep is best with two 1.5 zanaz, muscle relaxor. Hot baths help too. Stress exacerbates my FM!

        • liz swart says:

          You dont look sick so they think youre making it up or its all in your head! So frustrating! Even the majority of doctors think youre just an addict looking for pain pills. Xrays show nothing, youre fine. good luck! It took years before I found a compassionate doctor who knew whats wrong with me and has helped me to live my life! Problem is I cant handle the snri drugs like Cymbalta. Made me NUTS!

        • diann toler says:

          I take tylenol 3, too. It’s the only thing that has worked for over 30 years. I’ve taken the same dosage the whole time. I’m sure I’m dependent, but I know I’m not addicted. However, when I recently had surgery and had to take oxycodone, it has been awful to go off of it. As far as pain and morning stiffness, I have to have the pain pill, go back to bed, then slowly walk and stretch.

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    Stiffness is the worst part of fibromyalgia for me – it takes 3 to 4 hours most mornings to allow me to move about the house freely. I used to feel puzzled when I differentiated between stiffness and pain, because some others didn’t seem to understand. I appreciate that your article has made the point that people with FM can have one or the other, or both.

    • Terri Collins says:

      When stiffness, pain, and fatigue all hit at the same time…..I call it the “perfect storm”. Next time you try and explain Fibromyalgia to someone – don’t, you can’t! Instead, ask this person to describe the color “purple” to a blind person who has never been able to see. Think about it…..can you describe it?

  5. Janice Browning says:

    I not only have morning stiffness, but also when I get up from sitting for a while (like long enough to watch a TV program). I take Savella, but no help with this, and the other meds cause reactions.

    • Sarah says:

      I really wish they would get rid of the meds Cymbalta, Salvia etc… They work if you have inflammation…do absolutely nothing for muscle knots and pain! If these idiot so called doctors had to live with this for a week I think we would see major changes. I have tried EVERYTHING. From physical therapy, numerous injections, massage, pool therapy, all natural diet..nothing helps. Im fed up!

      • Christine says:

        I agree, some of the meds are scarey. I find that over the past 5 years my body has become more sensitive to any chemical changes added. I thought Cymbalta’s side effects were going to kill me, I could not get it out of my system fast enough after being on it one week. Trying to get sysmptoms somewhat under control was exausting with side effects from meds zaping even more energy.

      • KELLY says:


      • Ingrid says:

        There’s a group for that on facebook called Fed up with Fibromyalgia. You should join us.

      • Georgia says:

        Sarah, I have tried everything over 23 years to manage fibro. I don’t use prescription drugs. Occasionally take Panadol and a sleeping med if I have gone several days or more with poor sleep. Decided that yoga, mindfulness practice and long showers work for me. Have a look at Christopher Germer and Ronald Siegal. Being aware of stiffness can sometimes allow us to soften breaking the pain…

    • Patti Clark says:

      Ditto! My situation to a “T”.

    • Laura Nystrom says:

      I just wanted to let you know that I know what your talking about when you mentioned the stiffness also after sitting for a short time, like A TV program… That is one of the most confusing symptoms of Fibro to me?? You just never know when it will strike. Sometimes I can stand up just fine and other times I move like a 90 year old woman. So frustrating!!

      • Pat Langridge says:

        You nailed EXACTLY how I feel. At 61, my line is : I’m much too young to feel this dam old ! I have the pain, sleep disturbances, like up 5-6 times a night. Stiffness in my whole body, especially my knees. When I do finally crawl out of bed, I sometimes can hardly move. What a way to start the day.

        • NoreenD says:

          Me, too, Pat. I’m 61 and I keep wondering what will I feel like when I’m older. I joke about it sometimes, but it is scary. I have a great husband but I fear what I might have to face someday if he isn’t there to help me. He is 65.

    • Nikki says:

      I have the same problem of stiffness in the morning or after sitting or driving. I don’t believe a lot of this is from fibromyalgia–but from some other autoimmune, arthritic, tendon, or ligament condition (or a combination of all). Often, the two go hand-in-hand. The hard part is finding something that helps. For me it seems the more I move, the better I feel. But you can’t move 24/7.

      • Georgia says:

        Nikki, you are right. The more we move the less pain manifests but as you say we cannot be on the move 24/7. What is this about? Oxygen to tissues maybe?

    • melissa says:

      Watch out for Savella it caused my blood preasure to sore, had to stop taking it, and my blood presure has not been the same since, NEVER had a problem with it before ! I also wake up in horrible pain and stiffness I take 800mg of ibuprofen,and a half of a 7.5 hydrocodone, along with 1 tablet of benadryl for allergies, and a handful of vitamines every night at bed time, this helps with the pain!

  6. D. Deslandes says:

    This was sent at the right time for me…i have just been turned down for CPP and ODSP and hit a low point again…vicious cycle! Needless to say this has increased anxiety to levels where i am in nightsweats and it’s not menopausal!…so thanks for your exceedingly great efforts which is greatly needed and i am sure appreciated.. I, an out of commission nurse.

    • Karen says:

      Once my letter was prepared I gave it to my Dr and he added his opinion to my letter – DO NOT give up. I also pointed out that Fibro is now recognized by the World Health Organization – Good luck!!!!

    • MaryAnne says:

      I, too, understand your pain. I, too, was denied by ODSP and CPP. I was denied twice and went before the Review Tribunal and was denied again. They treated me like I was some kind of criminal and had their minds made up before I even walked into the room. I was 4 days incapacitated after that experience. I was so devastated. My FM symptoms spiked after that experience.

  7. Phylis Coates says:

    I’ve wondered about the stiffness being related to how many hours one has been asleep as I’m not stiff when I wake at 2am till 4am. but after I returned to sleep and then wake up several hours later, I am stiff…..70 years of aging might contribute….thanks for your Journal….its kept me sane for the past 17 years… much progress has been made in the understanding of FM.

    • Susan Carpenter says:

      Just to let you know, I’m 51 years old and I have found the more hours I sleep the stiffer I am when I get up. However, there is some magical moment (I haven’t figured out yet) where I get just enough sleep to be less stiff in the morning. I was diagnosed at age 48, so just answering your wondering if it’s age. I believe since you are 70, you’re feeling 90. I know I feel 71-81 at 51.

      • carollynn porter says:

        Hi, I have morning stiffness terrible, but its not just morning, every time I sit, relax a part of my body, stiffness sets in that part. if im watching tv for example and rest my head on my hand, I have to push my head back up to normal position slowly as it gets so stiff and in so much pain, same as other parts of body. Its awful just about all the time. I find going to bed as hard as getting up.

        • Marci says:

          I cannot believe what i have read here. I ‘m told to exercise more, or you’re just depressed. I am not! I am in pain, stiff, sore, and I hate being so unproductive. I too have to ‘push’ limbs and so forth into position before I can use them again after being in one position for too long. Clothing hurts sometimes. Was just ref. to a rheumatologist for first time. had sympt. for decades though.

          • Little Sparrow says:

            I purchased a mattress from a medical store that is for patients that are bed ridden. It made such a difference and was a wonderful find for me. I still am stiff and have to roll out of bed and ouch ouch it into an about an hour hot bath soak in the morning… but I get better sleep.

    • Dayna says:

      That’s exactly the same for me, but I didn’t even realise that’s how my morning stiffness behaved until your description. Thank you for clarifying it in my head for me! No one should have to feel like they cannot move when they wake up, even at your age. But I’m currently 30 years old, though many mornings I feel as though I’m 70! Best wishes to you.

    • Lisa says:

      Phylis, me too. I wake almost every morning between 2 and 4. This morning i was up at 530 and felt great, but knew it was too early for me to start my day. I went back to sleep and could not get up until 10 am because of the stiffness and heaviness. i believe my circadian rythym doesnt match the “9 to 5 mold. maybe next time i wake up feeling great, i will just stay up and see what happens :)

    • Pat O'Hara says:

      Now 3:52 a.m. and I’m thinking how I’m not so stiff now as I will be at 8 so I think you are right about how much we sleep. A little food or liquid helps every few hours. I don’t know if this is FM or osteo, but it is steadily worse as I age. AM’s are terrible. I take a glass of water, 2 bayer neck and body aspirin, grab my book, put heating pad on back,return to bed for an hour. Much…

  8. Jackie Kolenda says:

    I have just found out I have FM. I would like somewhat of what it is. I read the articles but either I am missing it because I don’t see that it pinpoints any particular part of your body. Thanks

    • Adrienne Williams says:

      Unfortunately there is no ‘specific’ area. FM moves around your entire body daily or will hit everywhere all at once. I wake up everymorning feeling as if I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. Everywhere hurts different. For about 1/2 an hour I use the wall for support and it usually takes 2 hours to even remotely get going in the morning. Good luck!

      • Barb says:

        I find the mornings are just horrible ….but I also find around 4:00pm my whole body shuts down. Life with FM not a fun life.

      • Leigh says:

        Hi All,
        New to the FMNetwork, but was diagnosed in 2000. THANK YOU ALL for your comments. EVERYDAY when I wake up I feel like I have been run over by a MACK Truck Too!!! Have stiffness when I sit for just a little. It is so comforting to know there are so many of you out there who understand EXACTLY how I feel. People without FM really have no idea how hard it is. Thank you all again.

    • Debbie says:

      Sorry to hear. When I first got diagnosed after years of complaints, it was this magazine that helped me make sense. The internet has some info but when they talked about a few tender points and my whole body hurt, I knew I was missing something. Every month, this mag helps me accept what’s going on instead of thinking I’m crazy. Good luck. Try everything until you find what works for you.

  9. Melissa says:

    I find the mornings woeful and I get very depressed having to face this every day, I am worse when I have to go on holiday and sleep in a new bed. I hate going to bed at night knowing every day is going to be the same. Unless you have experienced this horrible illness you wouldn’t have a clue how it gets you down! I do my best to take my time and just take the mornings slowly.

  10. Debi says:

    This article just covers morning stiffness, but my worst stiffness occurs when I over do; such as after a long grocery shopping trip, or a visit to a museum with my grandkids. It actually hurts to bend my legs to sit down. And then when I get back up, it is like I have to stand still for a moment for my legs to start working again. Some days, I have had to come home, and just go to bed.

    • Cindy says:

      Debi, I have stiffness in the morning, I take a warm shower, stretch a bit and move along slowly, However it is worse for me also when I overdue, cleaning, gardening, hiking, anything physical-even shopping will cause pain/stiffness and exhaustion.
      My intention is to do things in small amounts, frustrating but necessary. After over 15 years I am still learning to try this.

  11. Linda Irwin says:

    I have had Fibro for over 30 years and still get the best pain relief from Neurontin, Prozac and Methadone. I have tried the new meds and found them to not be all that effective, especially Cymbalta. I had followed the years of testing on Lyrica (Preglabin), only to find that it was not as helpful as what I was taking.

    • Adelle says:

      How did you get methadone I’m on lyrica and cymbalta also Endone I want to try neurotin do you think this would be better?? I hate Endone I get itchy and still always in pain I can’t turn my head most days some days I have to crawl but I prob wouldn’t be here without drugs and therapies it’s what my every cent goes on just about! Nothing’s helping me!!

  12. KK says:

    The term “Morning Stiffness” does not quite describe my morning experience. The feeling of having been in a serious automobile accident more closely describes the first minutes of my day…as each joint finds it’s way into mobility. Someone without FM would surely dial 911 if they awakened with this pain. I wish I could swim directly into my water aerobics class from my bed!

    • NP says:

      KK, I completely agree with you. I would not wish this upon anyone. However, I do wish others without FM could just understand this pain. It is so difficult to get through a day of work and then go home to two kids and try to get housework done. My husband tells me that I can’t keep the house under control. He is correct, and I shouldn’t have to. Walk a day in my shoes then tell me to do!

      • Stephanie says:

        Thanks you all for your review on morning stiffness. I now know I am not the only person that is going through this in the morning or anytime I am sitting or laying around for an 1/2 hour or more. Plus the husband is having a hard time with me having FM. He thinks I need just to push myself. I have 3 kids 18-9-3. I do my best. I wish he could understand how I feel when I am on my down day.

        • Ilene says:

          I too have 3 kids…22,15 and 8. I thank god every day i have my fiance. Theyre not even his children and he helps me SO much with them. Especially lately with my FM. He sees the pain in my face even when I dont say a word. I hate being so useless sometimes but i can say he soes understand! My biggest problem is me. I feel like everyone thinks Im making all this up but thankful he knows Im not.

          • Ilene says:

            The mornings are awful!!! I can barely walk from the stiffness and pain in my legs and feet. I too get up at least 1 hr before the kids for my coffee (which i break a cup almost every day since I cant hold it) and to take a pain pill or i CANNOT move! Its awful!! I hope ur hubby reads up on FM so he can understand more. ;)

          • cheryl says:

            I toss and turn in the bed since I feel bruised and beaten if I stay in one position. I don’t sleep at night and thought it was the menopause! My pain is in my neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, back, hip, ankles and feet! Rigor Mortis/car wreck explains how I feel in am. I clean for a living and its hard but if I keep moving it helps. Sit too long and I’m walking like I’m very old.

      • Jennifer says:

        Just joined this forum and joined the one year membership. Was diagnosed with fibro a year ago. It took my doc 2 years to find out I had it. Seeing a wonder fibro doc here in OR. I am going through all these problems too. Don’t sleep till 5 am nightly, and the mornings are painful it takes me 2 hours to walk so much pain all day long so sad to be a fibro patient it’s been really hard.

        • Ingrid says:

          Jennifer, you are seeing a Wonder Fibro Doctor?? I want a name, please :)
          I tried one clinic but came away worse than when I began. I am also in Oregon.
          And I am about to join here officially! So glad I found this page. xx

    • shari mintzer says:

      Described perfectly. I would like to add feel like hit with bat and should be black and blue allover, however you can not see. I do stetch which helps a minimal amount but do always stretch fingers whic helps alot. I am just starting water therapy. Have you felt a change since doing that?

    • Euni says:

      I’ve had fm for years. Some mornings I feel like I have been beaten up by a hoodie gang. Some mornings are fibro fog, others my mind is hot to trot but the body says ‘are you kidding, you want to do whaaaat!’

  13. Barbara Walton says:

    I also wake up every morning stiff, the first thing I have to grab is my stick otherwise I fall over. I can cope with this by having a shower and then just sit about for another 2 hours. I am also having difficulty with my hands, not just when I have been typing but also when I have been writing. They are always swollen 2-3 times their usual size by 7.30 at night. I am on MST and Lyrica

  14. Kathy Breazeale says:

    I have just recently begun taking B12 injections and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with the stiffness…better than anything I have ever done before!!!!!!

    • Deborah says:

      Hi Kathy, Would you be willing to share what kind of Vit B12? And perhaps some other info…like how often? How much? In what ways do you feel better? With thanks

  15. Becky Cook says:

    I wake up every morning feeling as if I’ve been hit by a truck! I’m taking Lyrica, Cymbalta, Hydrocodone and several other meds for pain….nothing seems to really work. I was glad to read the comment about hot baths giving some relief…I have found that to work really well for me. I also can relate to having to “wait for my muscles to wake up” when getting up from a sitting position .

  16. Barb says:

    I have had FM for more then 20 years now. I have tried many medications along the way. My husband started lighting a candle and making coffee each morning. It sounds silly but sitting, drinking coffee by candle light really helped. I have also just started doing some stretching exercises with a foamroller bar at night before bed. That and a nice hot shower each morning seems to do the trick.

    • Jeanie says:

      I have had fibro since i was 12 years old , you name it and i have tried it, now i am 42 years old and i take methadone ,loratab, lyrica,and Xanax and that helps me as good as any . i would like to give merit to candles for my allergies but Kellogg shots are easier and Mary Jane is my friend because i cant shake her as a total body relief also massage is great if you can find one that wont hurt u

  17. Rosaleee says:

    My morning stiffness varies greatly from morning to morning. What is very clear is that both pain and stiffness, whether in the morning or throughout the day, are most relieved by following a gluten-free diet. The times when I go into denial and start indulging, thinking “a little bit can’t hurt” inevitably end up causing me the most pain.

    • LeAnn says:

      I’m on Prozac and Savella but going gluten free last year has been the biggest improvement in my fibro ever! My Primary Care doc suggested it and a naturalpathic doc also taught me a lot about the benefits of going gluten free. It took awhile to buy into the gluten free thing but I’m glad I did! Hope this helps someone!

    • gene freeman says:

      All your feed backs are female.I am a 78 year old male .I have FB

      I have all day back pain that I use Ben Gay and cold packs and hot packs> Some days I have no back pain at all.
      I fear all mornings, because e I have no pain but I have hot tremors from knees to feet,every singl morOnce I get out of bed I am okay.

      I take Gabapentin 300 mg every night .

  18. MiMi says:

    I have had FM since 2005….I have to sleep in a recliner….(not by choice though)….I have learned how to “control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well…

    I think getting my Vitamin D level checked and back in the “normal range” of where it should be and addressing my other health issues helped me to get the FM under control.

    • Rachel Escamilla says:

      I also ( well heck forgot) ahh yes sleeping. I also slept in a recliner for a while. The bed was too hard. And some areas hurt more than others so the recliner helped. Also now i sleep on an air matress. have for the past 6 yrs. Tried beds, but still hurt me, (i can feel every spring i sit and .M The simmons beautyrest has been the best I have found. A matress lasts me bout a yr.

      • liz swart says:

        My husband and I bought a Tempurpedic bed 3 years ago & it helps me SO much, still wake up in pain but when I get in my bed at nite I am so thankful! I dont have to toss and turn all nite long anymore! It was money VERY well spent, there are no springs and has a 20 year guarantee! I read your comment about feeling every spring and I can so relate to that! My pain is half what it was before thisbed

        • Stephanie Roth says:

          I’ve learned tricks from the fibro magazine. Malic acid with Magnesium 2x a day, Cough gels (Dextromethorphan) helps with pain during sleep, Lunesta 2 mg – ONLY sleeping pill that works for me.Sublingual (under the tongue) Vitamin B12 with other B vits in it.(B sublingual Total). Contains no B1 in it which several of us can’t take. Works like shots Helps a great deal with energy. Temperpedic bed

  19. Glory says:

    I know exactly what it feels, horrible going to bed knowing thres come insomnia, sleep and in the morning the stiffness…Keep praying…

  20. Angela Hughes-Sharp says:

    I can relate to most of these experiences. I will be buying a new bed soon and wonder if anyone has a recommendation. Would a waterbed help with the pain and stiffness?

    • Carol says:

      I have been suffering the pain of Fibro for over 40 years, but it took almost 20 years of suffering and made to feel like I was crazy, before I was diagnosed. When people ask me what the pain is like I also say it feels like I was hit by a Mack truck. I also ask them to think back to the muscle aches from the worst case of flu they ever had and multiply it by 10. Try a GOOD memory foam mattress.

      • Lynette says:

        I bought 4 inch memory foam matteress. Much cheaper than a new mattress. Double bed cost is $120-140. Im gonna buy new one every cpl yrs cause they breakdown just like the topper on an expensive bed. Everynight I go to bed just praying to sleep 6 hrs straight. Rarely happens tho, then tired all day. WHAT ABOUT DYSLEXIA SIMPTOMS???? I get that along with long list of symptoms.

    • liz swart says:

      Yes! Tempurpedic! LOVE IT! Worth every penny!

  21. JP says:

    I have found that Elavil (amitriptyline) at night eliminates waking up feeling like I was run over by a truck.

  22. Michael says:

    “Stiffness” sounds mild and does not adequately describe the symptom. It would be better described as “extremely painful stiffness.” That’s what I feel when I wake up in the middle of the night. “Minor symptom?” What a joke.

    Lyrica has helped a bit.

  23. Gerry Lee says:

    Well, this all sounds terribly familiar – dreading the mornings, struggling to get up and having to jetison early morning commitments because of it. At least we are not alone. I spent 20 years wondering what the hell was wrong with me before I got a diagnosis and all this stuff makes sense. The drugs are getting better and better all the time though and that gives me hope!

  24. Julie says:

    It took me 4 hours to get going this morning. That’s a new record for me. It usually only takes 2 hours. This article was very timely for me.

  25. shari says:

    I too wake as if Ive been in a horrible car accident. The botttom of my feet actually hurt and takes quite sometime for my fingers to uncurl. Once up and around sometimes Im O.K. depending on the level of my pain for the day, which feels like IVE BEEN HIT BY A BAT AND SHOULD APPEAR BLACK AND BLUE BUT OF COURSE DO NOT. By evening the pain always increases and so does the stiffness.

  26. LAW says:

    I too can have horrible mornings like this and I dread them. I’d take my pain pills & go back to sleep so I could get up & try it over agin. I’d keep my pills at bedside. I since then asked my Dr. for long-acting Tramadol, 1 every 12 hours b/c I thought the pain pills were waring off while I slept. This has helped along with a.m. Viibryd(new drug), xanax & baclofen at nite, it’s way better

    • Jaime Paice says:

      I am 34 years old, and have suffered with fm since I was a teenager, however I was only diagnosed a few years ago. I grow increasingly sick of hearing doctors tell me I am depressed, of course I’m bloody depressed, so would they be living with these symptoms. The mornings are hell, but come to think of it, so are the days and nights. There is no escape from the pain and stiffness and fatigue.

  27. SCampbell says:

    has anyone tried LDN for FIBRO pain?

  28. Debbie says:

    I wake a half hour before I need to get up to take my pain killer. I then spend another hour being pretty much immobile in front of my coffee and the news before my body can function a bit. I haven’t done the water exercise in a while. I’m always so tired but I think I’ll get beack to it now that you mentioned it. It did help. It was just so much effort & I needed a nap when I got home.

  29. christina says:

    I think I’m walking off these pages I suffer terrible with FM and any medication they give me is not enough. Currently I’m on 30 mgs of codeine 3 times a day (but I take more and run out. Same with the Soma. I’m up and down all night all night . I also had over/under (young, old. depressed. In spite of all this I try to walk once or twice daily, No weight loss! I work in garden.

  30. sdmp says:

    Kk has it right! Auto accident stiffness, like the second day after you’ve been hit is a good way to describe it. It’s not so much stiffness as pain that has increased to such an intolerable level that your muscles are involuntarily locking, even when you try to relax them.

    • sdmp says:

      I’m one of the minority, and have been diagnosed for over 33 years, that has always gotten MUCH worse throughout the day on the stiffness/pain. So I have a finite number of “good” hours and the more I do to bring on the pain, the fewer hours I have each succeeding day.

  31. christina says:

    I don’t mean to take over he comment room. I guess I feel sorry for myself.

    As for back pain in the low back I have it very day. Also my left knee is very swollen and I can hardly get down the steps. Stooping and bending is out of the question. I’ve had lydocane and trigger points shots. They don’t last long.

  32. Anna says:

    I am new to this Fibro-Blog thing. I have to admit, it’s great to hear of others that feel the same way I do. (SORRY)The morning stiffness is awful. My wonderful husband wakes me at 5:30 with a cup of coffee and quick back, or side, or leg rub to help get me going. Silly me, sometimes I think I can get right up like I used to. Then my body reminds me that those days are behind me.

  33. sueena says:

    I have struggled with RA for over 5 years and in the middle of trying to maintain and keep working, I work as a correctional officer, I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia…OMG. I just found your website and wonder if any of you have multiple diagnosis. I hurt everywhere, especially knees, ankles, feet wrist, upper and lower back. I wake up wanting to not wake up and go to bed hoping I can sleep.

    • Lee says:

      Ive only been diagnosed with fibro and hypermobile joints. I feel many of the things u described. Iostly struggle with feeling exhausted all day then when its time to sleep i just cant. I also experience pain all over. I cant even say exactly where because its just simply all over

  34. Alisha says:

    Im 35, pain all over, mainly legs and arms bilaterally. Unfortunately I take pain medicine every day for it. I alternate Ibuprofen with it too to help with breakthrough pain. It wakes me up MULTIPLE times every night and is nearly debilitating. I cannot go a night without some sort of medicine to help. I hate it so much! My family doesn’t understand whatsoever. I don’t understand why I have it!!

  35. Alisha says:

    Does anyone else have problems with exercise making your fibro worse? For instance, people say that exercise helps with ailments, but exercise makes my fibro worse! It takes quite a lot of energy to do anything and then I pay for it for days. I’m always drained, especially if I don’t take my medicine. I just don’t understand any of this stuff. What makes fibro happen?

    • Deborah says:

      Hi Alisha …I too find that it is sooooo easy to OVER DO exercise. A while ago, for a wee bit of “cardio” I tried a mere 50 steps of “stair climbing” Not only did it tire me out too much but my knees hurt for weeks. BUT recently I tried again. Now have gone from 2 min to 2.25 min. Maybe I’ll get to 2.5 min by the fall. SLOW is the operatove word. Good luck!

  36. Danielle says:

    I’m 37 years old, was diagnosed “officially” when I was 33. I have had FMS and CFS probably since I was a teenager (Particularly CFS).
    The only way I can deal with stiffness now, (and I know most of you don’t want to hear this) is by taking TWO norco in the morning and my husband has to feed them to me, it’s that bad.

    • Gina says:

      I can relate to ALL of this. I have taken low dose hydrocodone 5mg/500 mg of acetaminophen for 9 years now. It’s the only thing that has helped take the edge off so I can function in the morning and during the day to hold down gainful employment. Don’t feel badly Danielle. Google the under treatment of chronic pain, it really is a crime

      • Karen Alexander says:

        Gina, How do you get your Dr to give you regular scripts of Lortab/hydrocodone? Mine acts like I am the worst addict in the world if I ask for it. When he does give me a script of 30, I usually make it last 3 months, because I know he won’t give me more. It HELPS SO MUCH. I can function almost like a normal person when I have it.

        • suzanne says:

          Hi Karen,
          I think you should find another Rheumatologist. Mine is very understanding, here in MD. This newsletter has references that might help too. Drugs aren’t the answer for me, but they do help, keep trying. Good luck.

  37. Joann Crawford says:

    I call the fibro. thing the curse of Eve. I would not wish this on a worse enemy. Fibromyalgia truly does take over your life, it consumes almost your every fiber of energy when it flares up on you. The pain is nothing like anything that I have experienced, and I have been through some pain. I am talking about pain that comes from migraine headaches for 10 consecutive months straight.

  38. Gay says:

    I have found that Zinc, Selenium, Vit D and Vit B complex help. Each morning before I rise I do stretching exercises and move every joint, then sit on the side of the bed and do deep breathing with relaxation before I stand. Avoid stress, have a rest and read a book during the day, and avoid heavy exercise eg gardening. I can now play 9 holes of golf and my Dr is amazed .

    • Susie says:

      Thanks, Gay, for your suggestions…

      I have seen improvement since going to a naturopath, and supplementing with vitamins and improving my diet, e.g., organic as much as possible, no preservatives, no chemicals; and also maintaing a consistent daily routine, consistent mild/moderate exercise.

  39. Sherry says:

    I am so grateful to be reading this blog. While Fibromyalgia has become more of a familiar word and friends address it as if they understand, I get so tired of having to say, “it’s my Fibro” when my day becomes interrupted from pain (yesterday was fm a 2 hour car trip that had me almost immobilized by the time I crawled in the door). It is obvious they do not understand the pain.

  40. David Megrey says:

    Hello All…my wife has FM and takes Lyrica, Oxycodein, and an anti-depressant. I feel terrible for her, and not sure somedays how to help her. Reading all of your comments helps me to understand a bit more, so thank you for that. I’m curious about the B-12 shots that Kathy B. commented on. Has anyone else had success with these injections?

    • Jean says:

      Hello, the Drs are still fighting over my diagnosis, however it is all making sence now. I was introduced to B Complex some years ago, I always called it my wonder drug. I never fully new why until I stopped taking it. It seems to help in so many ways I watch for the buy one get one free. No shot needed. Thank you for making me see I am not crazy.

  41. Rachel Escamilla says:

    Does anybody have problems with cloths? Shoes? Showers? (baths r tough to get out of, and hurts.) Hair brushing? Eating somethings? Breathing (correctly)? Forget (often) Wake up 3 or 4 times a night? Maybe cause I do wake up often, i don’t have much stiffness in the morn. Sometimes don’t go back to sleep. My energy level is high. Most times can’t stop. Sit, stand, sit stand, walk, man I,m…

  42. Kathy C says:

    I’ve got the most comfortable bed in the world, with memory foam mattress top PLUS an “egg crate” foam topper. I wake up in the mornings feeling like I’ve slept on a box of rocks. If it weren’t for a hot, hot shower every morning, I don’t know what I’d do. (never mind the pain meds, sleep meds, supplements, meditation, etc)

  43. Diane says:

    I find the insomnia the most irritating thing about FM along with feeling twice my age most days .The brain says get up and do that but the body says no way im to tired . You know if you go out shopping for a couple of hours that you will be hurting and in need of a sleep when you return . I take amitriptyline 25mg this has helped me stay asleep a bit longer .

  44. Gay says:

    Should add to my recent comment: I have noticed that too much acid food eg tomato based dishes, too much fruit, etc increases the stiffness and pain. I take cell salts (n0 10 Nat Phos) to help minimize the acidity. I also take cell salts( Magnesium ) at night before sleep and have good quality Cod Liver Oil with porridge for breakfast. Hope these ideas help someone else.

  45. Shauna Gibbons says:

    Does anyone have clicking of joints as well as stiffness. I have stiffness all day and can’t sit /stand still for any length of time. I have to keep moving to reduce the pain from stiffness. Even holding the phone is very painful and my arm locks>

  46. Gayle Roper says:

    I force myself to do some cross trainer, which I have in my living room, extreme pain for the first 5 mins and i want to stop; but good music on and off I go for 25-40 mins followed by a stretch and I feel heaps better, Yes i suffer very bad from FM at the age of 47 years old. Fitness instructor all my adult life, had to give that up 2 years ago due to pain, depression, exhaustion.

  47. angel says:

    It’s encouraging to know I’m not alone. Diagnosed FM 16 yrs. I’m sick of meds but fear getting worse and losing my job and health insurance for my family. I’m straggling along & I feel like a terrible mom & employee. I wish everyone I know could read these comments & get how hard I’m working to just to stay afloat. Just to get out of bed!

  48. Christine Pistone says:

    I was initially diagnosed with RA because of elevated inflammatory markers and a positive rheumatoid factor. Saw three rheumatologists. last two said I did not have RA but rather fibromyalgia. I too feel like I have been hit by a mack truck when I wake up. A hot shower helps. I also get all stiffened up after sitting for awhile, especially after laying on the couch or driving.

  49. Pattie says:

    I would like to know what other types of meds people are takeing for maj depression with fibro , since I have been take blood pressure meds and antidepressants and anti anxiety meds for about a year now ? The antidepressants my psychiatrist prescribed are 100 mg pristiq, adderall 20 mg xr and xanax xr 0.5 mgs. This combination work well for me however I am in pain as you all have described!

  50. Jacqui Henderson says:

    We have nothing here in UK that works on FM. All I can do is put up with the pain or drug myself up on co-codamol when it’s bad which might ease pain at times but makes me more knackered than before. Takes me hours to get going in morning.

    I was given splints to wear at night which helps with the wrist stiffness when awakening – wish they has ankle one too. :(

  51. Mary says:

    I have been diagnosed with fibro for going on 9 yrs. I have had stiffness in the morning the whole time. I just thought it was one of the symptoms I had to put up with. I look like Frankenstein trying to make it downstairs to the kitchen . My sense of balance is off also and I slip and fall frequently, usually on the carpeted stairs.

  52. Tia Marie says:

    I am someone who was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and also in severe denial, you know there are no injury, I shouldn’t be in pain but what the heck there is that awful morning stiffness I tell my wonderful husband it feels I don’t have enough “oil” in my gears to move like their stuck.

  53. Jodi R says:

    I am a 34 yr old female who has been diagnosed with fibro for about 4 years now. My fibro was relatively under control while taking savella, but then I started having recurring SEVERE leg cramps while exercising. ALL of the muscles in my legs would cramp up at the same time. Doc thinks savella causing malignant neuroleptic syndrome and has now taken me off. Has anyone else had similar side effects

  54. Anna says:

    Im 32, although only diagnosed two years ago, i first started feeling the symptoms of fibro at 15, throughout different periods of this time, i endured tremendous episodes of fatigue and pain, greatly affecting normal life routines, last year i pursued an intensive course in bio energy and kinesiology sound therapy, while dosent cure,gives you chance to get on top of it and get control back.

  55. charmaine says:

    I was diagnosed with arthritis first in 2006. had knee surgery. after knee surgery is when it all started…i slept in a waterbed for years, never had any problems. I woke up one day to go to the bathroom…and it all went down hill from there. I could not get up. my body hurt all over. I have tried so many meds. without any relief. mornings are probably the worst for me also.

  56. Jo says:

    I dread having to make the first move in the morning. I know exactly what is going to happen and there’s no way round it. I dislike taking pain meds. I’ve had to learn to grin and bear it

  57. Bonnie says:

    Does anyone take Savella and thyroid? I take 25mg of Savella and was feeling better, then Dr up-ed my thyroid meds now I feel like I did before and have knee pain.

  58. Jane says:

    Reading the posts looks like copy paste! I agree that heat in the form of a shower or spa does help tremendously. I’ve also found that the elusive sleep is responsible for much of the pain. A good sleep puts us in a state where HGH Human growth hormone is natually produced. This repairs the normal wear and tear of our muscles. No sleep no repair. You can’t get good sleep with drugs.

  59. Jane says:

    I got myself off Cymbalta after being on it 5 years- Withdrawal is very difficult. I went to a Natropathic doctor and acupuncturist, was given herbal supplements and a dietary regime that has made me functional again. No nightshade vegetables- low reactive food diet- I have lost weight and have less pain.

  60. Vickie says:

    I tried Savella…You have to go off of any meds that you are on that contains serotonin when you take Savella. You must know your body very well and watch for side effects. I went crazy on it to the point of threatening to kill my husband. It made me extremely dangerous. I stopped taking it gradually and went back on my Cymbalta and informed my dr at my next appointment.

  61. Lee says:

    Im 23 and have already been diagnosed for 10years. I feel like you all explained exactly how i feel. I feel like i relate more to people twice my age because of the stiffness and pain i feel. Most people have to rest after physical activities i feel like i have to rest from my wrestless night of sleep and usually have to sit around for 1-2hrs in the morning just to “get going”

  62. Callie says:

    waking in the morning is a hard thing to do… I have to slowly make the miracle happen with stretching arms legs body back and forth…once I am up it’s off to the bathroom… then go for my meds…then maybe some coffee…. but before the intial movement… I know I have been drove over with a truck and someone karate chopped my arms and legs…. and the day goes on.. until the battle beings

  63. Jennifer says:

    I also take Cymbalta, neurotin, oxycodone, and oxycotin, and still in pain. The lidoderm patches work great for minor aches. Had two capel tunnel surgeries, frozen shoulder and tenns elbow in both arms too. I found acupuncture really helped, but I don’t think we will ever be 100 percent pain free. I too feel like I got hit with a semi truck in mornings I don’t want to sleep or wake up.

    • Ingrid says:

      Many surgeries later we learn, huh? I have scars from many of those, never knew it might be something else –
      One thing I am seeing here is many take their showers in the am – I am a PM person, so I will make that switch and see what happens! :)

  64. Jean Taylor says:

    I sleep on a heating pad that is a twin size. I can control the heat. It helps me stay loosened up. I still have pain but not near as bad. Only problem is I got it from my mother. Not sure where I can get another one if it would go out.

    • Adelle says:

      I have found electric blankets help me to wake up not so stiff but my partner gets to hot what do you do?? The cold weather makes it so much worse and my knees ache badly like they have frost bite. My pain is constantly jumping from one point to another although I never get relief from my neck/ shoulders. And have lots of bladder problems I go every 5 mins not exadurating which adds to no sleep.

  65. Sheril says:

    I take 50mg Pamelor hs (bedtime) for prevention of migraines. Tis helps me sleep. Maybe this will help someone in a different way. Rest is a key. God Bless!!

  66. Kelli says:

    I have had fibromyalgia (along with many other assorted diagnosis and some still pending) for eight years. My symptoms have increased in the last eighteen months.

    The morning stiffness is unbelievable. I can’t function in the morning without taking my pain meds first. I do have depression. There is nothing “wrong” with that. Mental health and physical health are not separate.

    • Lynette says:

      Im 44, diag. w Fibro last yr. I have insomnia, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, and brain fog since I was 35. Last 3 yrs I can not get out of bed in the morning witout taking pain meds an hr before I do anything. I hold onto doorhandles & walls just to get to the restroom. I describe is as tho I have sprained ankles and walking on broken glass & my hands have been shut in a car door.

  67. Stephanie Roth says:

    The best comparison of true depression, and just feeling down and discouraged from Fibro. Ask a person what they would want to do if they felt better. The person with Fibro would give you a list of all the things they want to do. The truly depressed person would not want to do anything different.

  68. Bobbie Nuhfer says:

    I’ve had Fibro since I was 10. I’m now 69. After 40+ yrs. of being told it was my imagination, etc., I was thrilled to have a name for it. Now, a million tests later, I get the response, “It must be part of your Fibro.” AARGH! My Dad’s advice beats any medical advice ever: Pain tells you you’re still alive. Do the best you can, do the rest tomorrow…

  69. Carolyn says:

    Im now off the cymbalta for 1 month (bad side effects) & the pain & fatigue is unbearable :( doc now suspects cymbalta was masking my symptoms with its pain relieving properties. I’m now being referred for tests for ME/MS/Fibro/CFS – has anyone else experienced this? I’m so frustrated because I’m starting to worry its all in my head. I cant remember the last time I woke up feeling healthy!

  70. Barbara says:

    We need a new mattress. Some of the people mentioned Tempur-pedic. Which model did you buy?

    • Mehgan says:

      I bought a hypoallergenic latex mattress, and it is wonderful! I found that memory foam mattresses trapped a lot of heat and when I have a flare up and have to sleep I heat up, so this was the perfect solution. plus it was less expensive than the other types of non spring mattresses. Go to your local mattress store and try a few out.

    • Jan says:

      We slept on a hotel mattress for about 10 days in Hawaii. I wote down the name and found I could get it from the manufacturer. Stores say they have it, but it is not the same one….expensive, but comparable to instore. It is a Serta Perfect Sleeper, Presidential Edition. We love it. Still a lot of pain in the mornings, but I love it, sleep well and it helps with the trigger points.

  71. Lynette says:

    I am on Hydrocodone 10s, Gabapentin (Neurontin), Tramadol, Baclofen (muscle relaxer), B-12, etc. & just started Cymbalta. The doses increase and decrease as I get Epideral Steroid injections in my neck for herniated discs. My quality of life stinks. I am depressed all the time. I had gastrict lap-band surgury to loose weight but meds make me gain. I feel Im fighting a loosing battle.

  72. Natalie says:

    While I can relate to everything on this post. What pains me even more is to think that all of you live in this daily hell as well. I forget to realize that there are so many of us waking up each day waging war with our own body. I’ve tried it all. Conventional and Alternative treatment. What helps: Epsom Salt baths daily/Alcohol if some form around 5pm-ish.

  73. Diane says:

    Just found this site. I have been diagnosed with fibro for 4 years. It gets worse everyday. I was beginning to doubt my doctor as I didn’t realize that all this pain, stiffness, fatigue, bladder, bowel, sleep etc problems could be fibromyalgia. I feel so sorry for everyone who has posted as I too suffer so much daily, But it has helped to know that others understand what I am going through.

    • Pat O'Hara says:

      Ditto here Diane. Feeling so awful in the morning was so strange as it developed and I spent years thinking it would go away. Now I know why my mother stayed in bed as long as she could. She NEVER complained but if she had I would have been more prepared. She died at 102 after 12 years of dementia so I never had a chance to discuss it. This site helps me feel NORMAL in my discomforts! pat

  74. Angela Hewitt says:

    Vitamin D3…lots and lots of vitamin D3…it’s the only thing that keeps me out of bed and off walking sticks.

  75. Donna says:

    Glad to find this site. The morning stiffness, as well as stiffness after resting or sitting are by far the worst symptoms. I was starting to think I have polymyalgia rheumatica or another malady. I know I need to see a decent,concerned rheumatologist but I am finding that is a contradiction! So far, I have had no luck!I also have Crohn’s Disease, so I know I have an inflammatory thing going on.

  76. Donna says:

    Things that have ‘helped’ me: Flexeril before bedtime, Cuddle Ewe mattress topper(on my second one), Select Comfort Air Mattress to adjust firmness,hot paraffin wax bath for my hands in AM and PM, outdoor whirlpool spa set @ 102-103 deg, Biofreeze Gel, massage therapy, chiro who does Active Muscle Release.
    Even after a massage, I still have a hard time getting off the table !

  77. Sue Brady says:

    I have soreness and stiffness for 2-3 hours after I get up. Some days I even walk stooped over for several hours in the morning. However, I found that a cup of coffee lessens my symptoms but does not entirely take them away.

  78. Laura says:

    I would like to add that due to the significant pain we go through upon waking, if you are ever hospitalized for one reason or another, you may find like I did, the beds are terrible. I finally learned to ask for an air matress! They have always complied with my request. Also, you are paying for it one way or another, so remember to bring it home with you.

  79. Melissa says:

    I just found out in May of this year I have fibro and I agree morning stiffness is the worst! I am 25 and have a 5 year old and it is hard to get up and take care of him. So I eat breakfast take my pills tramadol, vicodin, and cymbalta then I turn on the tv for my son and sit on the couch for a few hours till my pills kick in. That’s how bad it is and I am glad he goes to afternoon preschool!

    • says:

      Melissa – Little ones don’t understand parents being ill and have tons of energy. Have you bought a “play” doctor’s kit and let your son just pretend to be the doctor while you play the patient? My kids got a kick out of being in charge and I got to rest for a while. Children are wonderful but mornings are difficult!

  80. Mary says:

    Agree with everything. Diagnosed with FM 15 years ago after getting hurt working as a nurse, went out on diability 12 years ago. The stiffness & pain unbearable. Tried many meds & many docs before feeling heard & believed. On duralgesic patch which releases med continuously & bypasses gut along w/ other meds- really helps me. Don’t give up, if 1 doc isn’t listening, go to someone else!

  81. rituraj khanna says:

    HI–i am 52 yrs old-a few years back i had awful body aches and stifness in the mornings,i was diagnoised with AS-was given some medication,but they were of no use,after 3 years i was told i dont have AS-and now my condition is worse,my full body pains,i cant sleep at night,i hate my bed,but yes at times a hot water bottle does help-moving around soes help,but the pain is there 24×7—

  82. nancy says:

    Hi ladies,I am in the same boat,have been for years dealing with doctors talking down to me like i was just another women complaining.i too was very active,fibro makes it so i can harley do anything until i started using quercetin,bromelain a supplement that helps inflammation ,it has helped me greatly but can not miss a dose,will be back in pain.other meds they give cover up the problem.

  83. mbloom says:

    I am a retired nurse and have had fibro since 1963. My old body is now doing better than when somewhat younger. Things I have learned: Many of the prescription meds make the brain foggy. Vit D, B12, melatonin, L Tryptophan work for me. Taking Magnesium Potassium Asparatate keeps the severe traveling muscle cramps at bay if I take enough. Low dose naltrexone is great.

  84. Silent Pain says:

    After 7.5 years of morning stiffness I found that the pain related to a calcium crystal deposition in the extremities – feet, fingers, wrists and eventually everything in between. Guaifenesin 400mg a day with calcium supplement, lots of water and a low purine diet has turned away my morning stiffness. Low purine diets are online. I think it’s in part a gout with autoimmune arteritis.

  85. roz says:

    I’ve had fibro since early 80s. Doctors said I was just depressed and stressed. Uh no. I’m a happy person. Anyway I found out that moving (non repetitive) helps me feel better. I worked with trainers before but of course they don’t understand I need to avoid the same movements OVER and OVER. So I decided to go to school and study the body and became a personal trainer myself. FOR ME!

  86. roz says:

    I created a FIBRO fitness program. I feel so so much better. I’m only on 2 aleve a day. All the other meds got in way of my progress. I drink 1.5 gallons of water every day. AND… I’m really better since I bought my MEMORY foam, Hybrid spings… yadda yadda BEAUTY REST. I have not slept this good in …uhhh EVER.

  87. Helen Brandon says:

    I just finished reading all of your comments. I feel so badly for you all. I am looking for a doctor in London, ON. Canada that can help me. I can’t even get a handicap parking pass. That is just so cruel. I have suffered so badly since 2003. I have heard of places in the States where they have have fibromyalgia clinics. Do any of you know of these? Kindly respond if you know of any doctors?

  88. Nancy says:

    I too have suffered to for years my biggest problem is sleeping I have been through 5 mattresses in 1 year. I tried the temperpedic and it hurt me. The pressing on my body make me hurt worse. I work midnights in a very stressful job and only getting a few hours sleep before my body starts to hurt so bad I have to get up.

  89. jeanine gray says:

    Has anyone noticed that severe temp changes make fibro worse? Or eating junk food? When I do yoga, “Bikram is great” its a challenge getting going, it helps. I also take Omega 3, Motrin 800, vitamin D, Alfalfa root, B12. I sometimes can’t get my day going until 10! It is hard because I find it hard to work full time. I am in pain either my upper or lower back, neck, ankle (after I broke it).

  90. jeanine gray says:

    I have spent hours on the massage table getting myofacial release. It helps tremendously, but leaves you feeling sore, but at least not in severe pain. Try it! Its saving my life. Good luck. It sucks being in pain.I too have been diagnosed depressed all the time, and its just plain old pain and muscle knots 24×7. I never get over being sore.

  91. jeanine gray says:

    Sleep is a thing of the past. I wake up every 3 or 4 hours. Never wake up refreshed. Do like my water pillow. Helps, and temperpedic, hot tub, and sauna.

  92. Tami says:

    Im not sure I thought I had arthritis but my test came back neg. so I wake up in the night with all my joints killing me and it the morning I’m do stiff. Could this be fma ?

  93. frank g says:

    I just stumbled upon this site while googling “why is my body stiff upon waking up in the morning” and I can’t believe all the symptoms I have are shared by so many. I thought it was only me. I am a 35 yo male, I keep saying I shouldn’t take an hour to get out of bed at my age. I literally can’t move in the mornings and the right shoulder hurts throughout the day. I’ll check into this.

  94. Sherry says:

    Has anyone tried Spirulina? It is a natural multi-vitamin pill that took care of a lot of aches and pains in my body. Some days I’ve also felt those exact symptoms where it feels like rigor mortis. Howwever, I have tried acupuncture and Spirulina to boost my immune system. Just wondering if someone has teied it and have felt the difference.

  95. tara says:

    I am shocked to see so many people with the same issues, my six years of endless visits to every type of dr there is and just now got a TRIGGER POINT INJECTION in my neck and shoulder where for 6 yrs NO relief it is amazing and with lyrica I feel the best i have felt ,also the more pain meds. you take the more u hurt. after a while on them your brain will not make its own pain signals a few r o.k

  96. robert Taylor says:


    • diann toler says:

      Yes, have it done periodically, but levels are ok. One thing that helps me when I wake up at night with pain is to do stretches in bed and also use a theracane to massage areas and knots I can’t reach.

  97. lola says:

    My boyfriend….. At night he has pain everwhere his head hurts so bad i can see that he is in a lot of pain and i dont like seeing hm in pain. When he tries to sleep he might not wake up until 2 days later He has no medicine. He always needs to stay awake and has the horrible pain all night long in morning he cant move his body he forgets things and pain he is 16 help me pleaassse!!! :..(

  98. trish says:

    Hi, i started with this illness at the end of the 80s. My doctor is useless. All I am on is gabapentin and butrans patch and citrolopram, but these don’t work. I am in constant agony, like the rest the morning is extremely painful. I went back to doctor to ask him to up my medication but nope he wont do it, so the pain stays.

  99. Cathy says:

    Since giving up eating sugar/high carb food a year ago, I’ve had virtually NO ‘fibro’ symptoms – am I the only one who has done this and felt the incredible relief?!

  100. suzanne says:

    I am so stiff in the mornings, my feet are crippled and my hands don’t work at all.

  101. debra says:

    Stiffness is one of my most bothering symptoms and can last througout the day though worse in the morning. I literally find it difficult to bend at all and have actaully had bowel movements and the stiffness was so pronounced I could not clean myself properly. Very disgusting information but gets the message across just how bad it is.

  102. Ildiko says:

    I have been doing a 15-20 minute streching routine in the morning and evening for years now. I cannot function without it. But doing it faithfully has helped immensely to releive pain and to be more awake. EFT also works wonders to relax. (Emotional Freedom Technique). I haven’t found a solution to the itching yet… That is what I hate the most. I can only lessen the symptoms with lotions.

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