Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

Pest removal is a nasty and often unsuccessful venture especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. That is why pest control management specializes is solving such a problem because it needs expertise in the use of chemicals that might harm residents, pets, and other non-target beneficial creatures.

For commercial businesses specially restaurants and hotels, it’s important to schedule regular pest control services visits as places where food and people are common are attractive to pests. Below are common questions most customers ask about when they want to terminate pest.

Why can’t I eliminate pests myself?

Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bed bug, and mosquitoes are resilient creatures that are very good at hiding and evading traps. After all, they have been able to survive in harsh conditions and with limited food. There are plenty of pest control methods you can do at home, but it’s advised to seek professional help if the case gets worse. To eradicate household bug contamination in your Singapore home successfully, hire the services of a pest exterminator. These experts know how to identify the pest species, their habits, hiding places, food, and the methods that might work best on them.

How long does the treatment last?

The pest control worker has to assess the extent of the pest problem infestation in your home or business to determine the type of method to be used and how long it will take. Smaller populations can be handled easily by a 24 hours pest removal company, but for more serious problems such as termites, it will take a longer time. Sometimes the pest control company will recommend repairs or replacement of damaged walls or ceilings to remove termites completely. Also, the use of baits to exterminate rodents can take a long time some time to reduce their population because it has to be ingested by the animals before it can kill rats. Guaranteed pest control assessment should be able to give you a definite timetable of the treatment.

What are the common pests?

In Singapore homes, restaurants, hotels, and other buildings the most common pests include rats or mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ants, and termites. Some of the pests have several species that survive in different conditions and can survive on different sources of food, like the termites, while others can learn to adapt by avoiding commercial pest chemicals and traps. You can do DIY methods at home to get rid of termites, but there is no absolute guarantee these methods will be safe or effective. Termite control can be a tricky thing to do, so it’s better to talk to a professional pest control company in Singapore about the safest way to manage removal of termites.

The damage done to the property and the health risks of these pests can cost a lot of money and may even lead to deaths. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are known carriers of diseases and parasites that can harm humans and pets.

Are smaller pests more difficult to remove?

It takes more time to get rid of cockroaches, termites, bugs, and ticks than rodents because they are mobile and highly adaptive. Re-infestation is still possible even after a successful treatment if the area is not maintained and no regular inspection by an expert is done.

Is it safe for my family?

Most people are concerned about the effects of the industrial-grade pest control chemicals, but the pest control services do not use their equipment haphazardly without proper assessment. They are aware of the effects of the chemicals, that is why the treatment has a timetable and plan. Most of the chemical pesticides are also tested and monitored before they can be used and are applied only in recommended amounts. If you are still worried about the effects, there are other options such as organic chemicals and non-chemical treatment options such as baiting.

How are termites controlled?

The exterminators are equipped with equipment that will allow them to hear termites through the walls or ceilings. They also use radar, heat sensors, and motion sensors to find the termites. Depending on the extent of the infestation, the company might use baiting to inhibit termites and will slowly affect the rest until the colony collapses. The application of the liquid termiticide is also an option ad can be used to prevent termite infestation in the future. If there are colonies found outside but near the home, these must be removed or relocated.

How much will the treatment cost?

The pest control management company can give you an exact quote depending on the type of pests and the level of infestation. A thorough inspection must first be performed so you can discuss the treatment options and the timetable for the job.

What are the common methods used?

There are three general types of methods used to control pest infestation such as biological, mechanical, and chemical, but for residential and commercial spaces, mechanical and chemical pest control are primarily used. The first step is to ensure sanitation to remove possible sources of food for the pests. Mechanical methods are used to trap and catch pests, while chemicals are for controlling a large population of pests for a short time.

Why You Absolutely Need to Hire a Florist for Your Wedding

Weddings in Singapore can be quite amazing given all the beautiful sceneries and amazing places you can go to. But, even with a naturally beautiful venue, you can’t really consider it complete without all the floral decor. There’ll always be flowers at the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, and even in some wedding shoots. Consequently, how the wedding flowers are designed can also make or break the overall look of the wedding itself.

To make sure everything is done professionally, it would be a great idea to hire a reliable and trustworthy wedding florist. Not only will this save you a lot of time and stress when organizing the wedding, but you’re also assured that everything will be taken care of accordingly.

You work hand-in-hand with the florist

Meeting with your chosen solemnisation flower arrangement shop from Singapore is one of the primary steps you need to take to get the best from their services. This is an important part, obviously, because this is where you communicate with the nuptial floriculturist your wedding flowers ideas. You might discuss the types of wedding flowers you want for the ceremony and reception and how you want the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements to look like.

This will also be an opportunity for you to ask more about what else they include in their services. There will be a bridal florist, for example, who might not stay in the morning of the wedding to arrange the wedding flowers for you. That florist didn’t stick with the agreement and may have just run with your money. 

Payment is another thing to consider too. Ask when you are expected to pay for the flowers or how early you should place your orders. Generally, it will be ideal to place your orders 6-8months before your wedding. You might also want to buy flowers online but you’ll have to ask the bridal florist if that can be a good idea. Although this really depends on your choice, the florist might recommend you to choose the floral decor they offer. This makes sense because they’re already there and you protected from any online scams (yes, this can also happen even with bridal flower!).

Some advantages of having a florist

Hiring moodfleur as your florist in your Singapore wedding is particularly advantageous. They have been arranging, designing and supplying wedding flowers for years, so you can be confident that your wedding bouquet and floral decor is in excellent hands. Plus, being in the industry for years have broaden their connections with different suppliers, guaranteeing you with the best possible prices for seasonal and even special blooms anytime of the year.

Sometimes a wedding florist may also offer some wedding flower packages where you can use their services for the wedding photo shoot as well. This can be another way for you to pick from a choice of beautiful bridal bouquets ahead of the wedding. There are even some couples who like the wedding bouquet flowers from the photo shoot so much that they’ll also choose it for the wedding.

In summary, have a wedding florist is a greater advantage than you might initially think. You can get professional advice on types of flowers, themes, and etc. You’ll also be saved from the trouble of arranging and designing your own bridal bouquet. There’s really just no reason not to hire a floral designer. Additionally, you’ll always find a matrimonial flower shop no matter where you are in Singapore. Everything from the wedding flowers, to the bridal bouquet, to the car flower decor, will be available if you go to the right places. Nevertheless, nothing can be as great as having a reliable florist to arrange and design the flowers for you.

Choosing Your Child’s First Bicycle

Unlike adults learning to ride the bicycle for the first time, children will eventually outgrow their bikes even if you make it a point to upgrade the bicycle accessories as the child’s skills improve. So, is there a difference in the type of bicycle an adult beginner needs from a young beginner?

When choosing your child’s first bike at the bicycle shop in Singapore, you need to take note of these factors.

1. Bike Size. The first thing to consider is finding the right bike size for your child’s age and height, not only because he/she will have a hard time handling a large bike, but more importantly, choosing the wrong size could lead to accidents. While trying the bicycle is the surest way to determine if it’s the right size for your child, there is also a formula that you can follow when looking for a new bike at the bicycle shop.

Seat Height. This category is the most accurate way to tell if the child is using the right bike size. Although there are recommendations of bike sizes in bicycle shops for certain ages, the height of the child should be the determining factor. The height of the handlebar versus minimum seat height also differ among brands, that is why it’s better to let the kid try the bike before purchasing.
Bike Pedal. Children will need special pedals for their first bicycle, especially if they are still learning how to balance or are not yet used to using the brakes. The attendant at any bicycle shop in Singapore might recommend models with pedals that match the minimum seat height to make it easier for the child to use his/her feet when stopping the bike.
Standover Height. This refers to the height required by the bicycle rider to stand over the bike. For children, a minimum of 1 to 2 inches of clearance between the inseam and the top tube is required to avoid any injuries.
Tire Size. This refers to the diameter of the bicycle tires, but looking for the right size can be tricky because not all brands recommend the same tire size for children. Depending on your child’s height, you can start with a 12-inch tire or a 14-inch tire. Most brands recommend the 12-inch tire for kids 4 years and younger, while the largest tires at 2 inches are recommended for kids 7 to 10 years. This should only serve as a guide, however.

2. Bike Weight. Although ideally, a child’s bike should weigh less than 40% of his/her body weight, most bikes are essentially heavy. The trick is to find the lightest bicycle at the bicycle shop with a quality and sturdy frame and complete bicycle accessories, such as handbrakes.

3. Bike Width. This refers to the distance between the edges of the inside of the pedals or the Q-factor. When trying out bicycles at the bicycle shop in Singapore, look for models that will allow your child to create efficient pedal stroke without having to splay his/her legs too far apart.

4. Bike Accessories. If your child is still new to the hobby, make sure to purchase bicycle accessories that will help prevent any injuries, such as; coaster brakes, hand brakes, reflectors, training wheels for beginners or specialty handbrakes. You should also include safety bicycle accessories such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.